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Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial Flood Insurance protects one of your biggest investments–your business–from damage caused by rising water. Floods often strike without warning‐destroying buildings, equipment, and inventory. If that doesn’t sound serious, you should know:

Most business policies do not cover flooding.

One in four businesses that shut down from a natural disaster never reopens.

90% of all natural disasters involve flooding.

The most common form of federal disaster assistance is an interest-bearing loan.

Primary Coverage


Basic building coverage pays up to $500,000 to repair or replace the insured building and its foundation, electrical and plumbing systems, central air conditioning, furnaces and water heaters, and installed improvements. Even if you lease, you should still consider purchasing flood insurance to cover any improvements you have made to your location. For more information contact Us.


On a commercial flood policy, contents coverage pays for damage to inventory, merchandise, machinery, and other contents up to $500,000.

Commercial Excess Flood Insurance

Like the Standard Flood Insurance policy, Excess Flood provides protection against damage caused by rising water. This coverage is over and above your Standard Flood Insurance Policy, extending your limits beyond the $500,000 available in the base policy. In order to be eligible to buy an Excess Flood policy, there are two conditions that must be met:

Your Standard Flood Insurance policy must be provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a company that is a Write Your Own (WYO) carrier.

Your property must be insured for the maximum limits available from the NFIP/WYO.

Building coverage is available up to $1,000,000. Optional Contents coverage is available up to $100,000. All limits are in excess of the primary NFIP/WYO flood policy.